Don’t Throw It Away

by | Jun 17, 2017 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Last night, Jan and I spent time with a great group of people celebrating a friend’s birthday. It was an outdoor venue held at a beautiful estate with fine dining and lots of joy. Throughout the evening, people would stand alongside the long, cloth covered table and share stories about the wonderful person we were celebrating. After sunset, candles and soft light bulbs strung overhead illuminated the remainder of our gathering as we dined in the warm summer evening.

As all of this was taking place, the Lord began to speak to me about someone who is considering throwing away something precious and sacred. It was like I was listening to all that was taking place around me while the Lord was giving me a word of hope for someone who was not sitting with us at the table.

I saw a person and inside their chest was a great treasure. The person was about to throw it away for a number of personal reasons. This treasure was alone and getting smaller and smaller with the passing of time. It had become the last thing the person was holding onto. Then I saw the hand of the Lord enter the person’s chest and take hold of the treasure to secure it until the moment of despair and confusion was over so the person would not do something they would later regret.

If this is you, understand the heart of God.  He is not going to let you throw your treasure away on just a painful impulse. His hand will hold it secure to give you time to come to your senses, but at some point, your freedom of choice will have its way. You are experiencing a moment of mercy. This is not like you to so easily cast aside what you have worked so hard to achieve. Take your hand off your treasure and let God hold it in His love until you sort things out. 


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