“Getting Stung” by Garris Elkins

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Most of us have been stung – by bees and by people.  Both experiences hurt.

Just the other day, I was riding my scooter home from the church office. I came to a tricky intersection where I would need both hands on the handlebars to safely make the turn.  Just as I began to accelerate out into the intersection, a bee flew up the back of my helmet and stung me.  In thousands of miles on various two-wheel vehicles this was a first.  

As the bee began to auger his sharp stinger into the back of my head, I so wanted to reach around and swat him.  If I had tried to swat the bee I would have lost control and put myself in greater jeopardy. I held onto to the controls with both hands and endured the trauma.

The next day, I thought of the various times people have stung me.  It happens to all of us.  A hurtful word or an unkind action can sting. Our first impulse reaction to a sting can get us in more trouble than the sting itself.  

Maybe you have someone who has really stung you and your response was less than perfect.  Try this – the next time you get stung by someone, keep both hands on your spiritual handlebars (Wisdom) and allow God (Trust) to download a better response. In the end, the venom of the sting will have less impact because the healing presence of God was allowed to counteract the poison and bring healing.

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    This is a very practical word


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