“Social Media and Words for this Season” by Garris Elkins

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Social media can be a powerful tool when used properly. Along
with a Facebook account, I also have a Twitter account.  I am coming to appreciate Twitter more because
it forces me to be concise.  Twitter only
allows 140 characters for a user to craft a sentence. This concise space requirement
has produced millions of proverbial quotes coming from millions of users around
the world.

In the last year, Twitter has been used on the ground in
social conflicts to inform international news agencies of the latest up-to-the-moment
developments. In the recent cultural upheaval in the Middle East, Twitter was a
powerful tool used to keep the world informed.

The Lord asked me to review the last month of my Twitter
feeds. As I reviewed the month of September, I saw a trend. It was like I was reading
something formed like the Book of Proverbs, where the short single sentences
seemed to be drawing from a larger word the Lord was speaking.

As I reviewed these Twitter comments, I noticed that some of
what the Lord had given me pertains to what is taking place in the American culture
during our current election cycle and in other nations where social change is
taking place.  

As you read this collection of words that form a larger
word, ask the Spirit for wisdom for personal application and ask Him how to
live in these times as His prophetic voice of hope to your family, your city
and your nation.

“I am convinced that in our current world situation the Church
must walk in a
prophetic revelation in order to find its way.”

“After the election God will still be on the Throne. After the
recession He will still be our provider. After nations vanish He will remain.”

“The longer I walk with Jesus the more I realize some issues
that used to concern me have now been placed on the shelf of insignificance.”

“Don’t trade your anointing for a political position.”

“When the Spirit falls on a community or a nation He is not
required to fall into our narrowly defined religious boundaries and

“Losing interest is not always a negative. Losing interest can
be a work of the Spirit shifting our focus from the old towards something new.”

“Don’t allow the drama of culture to draw you away from the
peace of God.”

“The danger of labeling people is that once we label anyone we
eliminate them from the conversation. Labels mark the end of thinking.”

“Our most honest responses to life are given when we realize
that no person or institution has anything we need to be happy or complete.”

“Political parties and gallows both have platforms. Be careful
where you stand – both can hang you if you trust them to save you.”

“An election cycle will reveal our eschatology.”

“Prophesy to the problem – preach to the solution”.

“Jesus method of correction was through image-casting. The
Pharisees method was through stone-casting.”

“Resist the demand to become a mouthpiece for anyone except the
Holy Spirit.”

“A sense of freedom comes when those who oppose us no longer
have anything to offer us in exchange for our opinion.”

“In Jesus’ day the political spirit swirled throughout the
culture trying to draw
Him into their arguments about their inferior kingdom.”

“Jesus moved forward through the seams of culture and politics
only giving them attention when honor was required. A good choice for us today.”


  1. Anonymous

    Great thoughts, Garris! Thank you for sharing! I hope to be blogging again soon.

  2. Susanna Perry-Ettel

    Tweets as proverbs … There's a revelation in itself ….particularly love the 'gallows' connectivity —–> trying to post from Japan so not sure I'll ever get this to 'go'


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