God-Directed Diversions

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

I was hiking the trails above our home. The area is a historic mining site from the local gold rush of the 1850s. Still visible today are prospector “glory holes.” These are investigative holes miners dug to seek out gold deposits. They cover the hillsides. As I walked along the main train, a small glory hole caught my attention about twenty feet off the main trail. It would typically be hard to see, but since the leaves are dropping, it became visible.

I left the main trail and walked over to the glory hole on a path that was nothing more than a faint deer trail. It was there that I noticed a quartz stone with a verse from Isaiah scribed on its surface – “God will guide you” (Isaiah 30:21).

After snapping a photo of the rock, I walked back to the main trail to continue my journey and began to process the rock, the trail, and life.

Some of you have been walking the main trail for a long time. Of recent date, a familiar season your life has thinned out. In this thin time, you saw something you had never seen before. You left the known trail and walked toward something new, and in the process, you discovered a path you had never traveled. The thinning season made its presence visible. As you questioned your reasoning for taking the detour, the Lord spoke and let you know He was guiding you toward this diversion. It was not your imagination or your circumstance.

In this diversion, the Lord will affirm that His hand is upon your life. The main trail had numbed you to His presence. Take some time to linger in this place. God has more to say to you. The main trail will always be there waiting for your return.

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  1. daniel violette

    I visit your site for insight usually on a daily basis and I have been encouraged especially in these days whereby we are all being challenged by Papa and the events we live in. However, this writing about being off the regular trail and then seeing the scripture on a stone “God will guide you” was for me today! I have been pulled off the my trail walk to be suddenly involved with an unexpected event that has challenged my faith greatly. I am reminded that Papa wants fruitfulness in all areas of our lives and even the pruning is for our benefit. When we bare fruits of righteousness, He gets the glory and also Jesus is made real in ourselves and then He can use us to show others around us how good He really is.
    Thanks for your insight and calming daily words of encouragement. It is wisdom from heaven.


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