A Winnowing Moment

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

In the last twenty-four hours, an intense winnowing has begun in the American Church. Our thoughts, motives, and places of personal deception are being tossed into the air by the Lord to encounter the wind of His Spirit.

Much has remained hidden beneath the husk of our assumptions and delusions. The Lord is tossing His people into the air as an act of love, not punishment. He is doing this to allow the wind of His Spirit to blow against the seeds of our faith to remove any camouflaging chaff that we have allowed to remain undefined and unchallenged.

We have entered a defining moment. As this separation takes place, it is not to divide us but to define us. When our unhusked kernels fall back upon God’s threshing floor, a new clarity will take place. Some will feel naked and wish to return to the enclosure of the old husk. Others will find new freedom in this time of exposure.

Our calling is to walk humbly and extend mercy to others while so much is still up in the air. These two character attributes will keep our hearts safe as the wind of the Spirit increases its velocity and impact.


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