For the last two days, I have been seeing the image of a powerful locomotive radically changing it’s direction.  The locomotive was heading in one direction down a single and predictable set of tracks and then, in single moment of time, the Lord altered its course and assigned it a new destination.

As I watched this image develop, I remember seeing something similar as a young boy when visiting the local train yard on a school field trip.  The engineer drove a locomotive onto a large turntable.  This device looked like a large turning plate with train tracks set in the middle. At the engineer’s command the turntable began to revolve.  As I watched, the locomotive was turned toward a new set of tracks heading in a completely new direction. Once the realignment was complete the locomotive was driven off the turntable onto a new set of tracks toward a new direction. The following video depicts that process.


I felt the Lord nudge me to say this word is for some of you involved in circumstances that seem too large to turn around.  You might be praying for a nation, for the circumstance surrounding a particular ministry or a generationally complicated issue within your own family.  God wants you to know He can turn any of these situations around in a single moment of time.

Pull your impossible situation onto the turntable of prayer and begin to declare a turnaround.  This is not a time to believe the direction things have been going in the past is how they will proceed into the future. God has the final word and He is about to turn things around.


  1. Anonymous

    Your word aligns itself with the word spoken by Jane Hamon for the year 2015. I don't know which came first but, surely God speaks with ONE VOICE.


    I've been praying for you.

  2. Mandy Capehart

    Yes! I love this. Jan mentioned this to me earlier this month. I agree and cannot wait to see what our big God is doing! It's time for an about face, so we can be about the face of God!


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