God is at Work in the Midnight Hours

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Creativity, Dreams, Future, Hope, Prophecy, Prophetic, Revelation | 0 comments

At least twice last night, something usual took place. It was unusual because I was not aware it was happening. Jan said she awoke two times to hear me prophesying over various people while I was asleep. She did not recall all the content, but they were personal words to individuals. At one time, I was prophesying that the hand of God would sweep away the opposing forces that were hindering a person’s life.

Each night I kneel at my bedside and ask the Lord to speak to me and give me dreams in the night. I did not consider this would mean I would be releasing prophetic words. Jan did not recognize the names of those receiving these words. I believe these prophetic words were a work of God’s Spirit that does not require we know the recipient. I was speaking from the depths of the Spirit, not from natural wisdom or known relationships. It was much like prayer in the Spirit, where God will use us to pray for things our natural mind had not entertained.

At this moment in history, we need the manifestation of a supernatural God who steps over the solutions offered by the limitations of human intellect to bring freedom where freedom was thought impossible. God is releasing prophetic hope at unusual times and by unexpected means. Many of us were not aware this was taking place. I am so glad Jan shared with me what is going on in the midnight hours.  Tonight, I will go to sleep with a new level of expectation and faith in the goodness of God.


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