Becoming a World-Changer

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Change, Courage, Creativity | 0 comments

I have noticed something about people who literally change the world. They do not allow the fears and doubts of others to craft their message or construct their vision. They do not place their hope in any earthly system or institution. Their hope is anchored securely to the throne of the One who has authority over all things.  

In the process of becoming a world-changer, these unique individuals have trained their ears to hear the voice of God amidst the clamor of culture. They have trained their eyes to see through the veils of fear and doubt. This transformation to become a world-changer doesn’t happen overnight.  It is not a shallow quick fix of a fake version of faith. It is the by-product of contending for something better every moment of the day when everything and everyone said what they were contending for was impossible. 

How we interpret the world around us is the best evidence of whether or not we will become a world-changer. Most of the individuals who are truly changing the world are not known or publicized. They are a secret revolution – a one man or one woman army feared by hell. Jesus modeled this for us, and so did His early followers. The world has forever been changed because of their example.


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