Going Deeper

by | Jun 2, 2019 | Creativity, Destiny, Dreams, Hope, Pride, Provision | 0 comments

Going deeper is the greater progress. Many times we are told that a life of constant forward motion and ascent will lead us to success. That constant need to move forward and upward can be seen as progress to the uninitiated, but in reality, these activities produce only shallow accelerations that must be constantly empowered by human will and energy. That kind of pursuit will always lead to a fatigue point of burnout. 

I have noticed some of the most impacting books, sermons, and personal testimonies have been released after someone burned out trying to keep up with a constant and ever-accelerating pace of life driven by ambition and the need to succeed. These once burned out ones, now recovered, invite us to go deeper instead of going faster.  

Choose your life-tempo wisely under the guidance of God’s Spirit. The Spirit will always invite you to go deep into the heart of God. In that deeper place, you will discover a sense of peace and rest. Peace and rest are never fully experienced when the scenery of life is passing you by in the blurring imagery created by human effort and undisciplined ambition. Choose to go deeper. Your destiny is there waiting to be discovered.


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