Everyone will make a passage across what is called “transitional space” several times in a lifetime. Transitional space is created whenever we move between seasons of life, relationships or life-assignments. Transitional space requires vigilance because the movement created in the transition exposes us and can make us vulnerable to new and unimagined threats to our well being. 

If you are between relationships, job assignments or seasons of life, be vigilant. Like a cop or a soldier in a combat scenario moving through a transition space from one place of secure cover to another puts them at risk of exposure to hostile gunfire. The timing and execution of this movement must be calculated and carried out with wisdom and proper timing or unnecessary casualties can occur.

If you are about to enter a transition space in your life you will need the Spirit to help guide your every movement. To successfully make your move and survive the transition may require that you reject the impulse of an undisciplined emotion, a prideful over-estimation of your abilities or the unwise opinions offered by other people. Each of these issues can expose you to emotional or spiritual injury in a transitional space. Wait for the Lord to tell you how and when to make your move. Only His voice will guarantee your safe passage. Listen before you act.


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