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The cultural tornado of the last two years is passing by leaving in its wake a path of destruction. Restrictions are beginning to lift. While it may appear we are entering “the peace after the storm” phase, it will be a false peace. The same spirits that created the recent cultural tornado have not departed. They are still present looking for another opportunity to repeat their devastation. 

In the aftermath, we need to be looking for people who survived the onslaught. This is a search and rescue mission. Once we find survivors, we need to treat their wounds. Some of those wounds were inflicted because they walked in undiscerning lockstep to the very issues that placed them in the path of the tornado. 

Just like it is for the Red Cross that serves a community devastated in the aftermath of a category 5 tornado, so it will be for those who walk in the love of God. This is not a time for payback. It is a time to treat the wounded.

Our expressions of love will recruit new allies who will stand with us and be able to walk in wisdom in the future when another tornado is bearing down on them. They will become allies because they received unconditional physical, spiritual, and emotional first aid in a time of personal jeopardy.  We cannot forget the wounded ones are victims, not the enemy. The real enemy is the dark spirits that attempt to manipulate the affairs of this world from the unseen realm. Those spirits always choose to remain hidden and out of sight to undiscerning eyes until the next opportunity presents itself.

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  1. LenZylstra

    Remembering that they are not the enemy is paramount. Thanks for the reminder !


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