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I received a glimpse of something taking place behind the veil that separates the seen and unseen world. When the Lord first captured my attention, I heard the sound of a face being slapped. That one slap became a loud chorus of a multitude of slapping impacts. Then I saw a map of nations where truth was confronting lies and slapping those lies in the face as a display of the superior authority of truth. The sound of slapping was truth giving notice to deception that its time of dominance had come to an end.

Every act of obedience and every prayer offered in faith is used by the Lord and becomes a slap in the face of the spirits of deception that have held individuals, families, governments, and entire nations in bondage. I heard one slap impacting the face of a lie that was telling a pastor they are finished. Another slap announced the deliverance of a child. One slap set in motion the healing of a marriage. Some of the slaps revealed a coming change in the leadership of nations.

The sound and image of these slaps are not something we can see or discern with our natural abilities. They are taking place behind the veil challenging the root sources where dark spiritual forces are controlling the behavior of people who live in the realm of time and space. The sound of these slaps is an announcement from the Lord that a change of direction is about to take place.


  1. Mike Kludt

    These things are spiritually discerned.

  2. Linda Franusich

    Yes and Amen ✝️


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