Heaven’s Final Verdict

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

A believer puts their discernment in jeopardy when they believe that a well-crafted human opinion or an earthly court verdict is the final arbiter of truth. Nothing on Earth is final until the Lord of Heaven’s Court declares it so.

We are offered these premature dispositions in hopes we will lose interest and succumb to the notion that “It’s time to move on – there’s nothing to see here.” Those who do not move on with the accepting masses are many times mocked and shamed as fools on a fool’s errand for daring to believe for something that seems impossible. Such are the heroes of Scripture.

The greatest acts of faith always take place after all avenues of human recourse have been exhausted. If we stand, believe, pray, and put our trust in God alone we will see Him move in ways beyond all that we could imagine or even consider before the verdict of the Lord appeared to finally and forever settle an issue.


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