When the Spirit is Allowed to Speak

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Each person is a unique three-part creation – spirit, soul, and body. The most powerful and authoritative of the three components is our spirit. Our spirit is that place in our being where the Holy Spirit comes and indwells once we become a follower of Jesus Christ. When our spirit is indwelled by God’s Spirit, our lives change in radical ways. One of those ways is the Spirit’s ability to inform the soul and body how to function aligning those parts with the will of God.

Our spirit once indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit can adjust the thinking and emotions of our soul. With the instruction offered by the Holy Spirit along with the truth of Scripture, we can tell an errant soulish mind and dysfunctional emotions how they should respond to the stimulus of life. Once our soul hears and begins to respond to truth, our soul will be healthy enough to begin speaking to our body to align its systems with God’s truth and healing power. If you don’t think this is possible, even medical science tells us our depression, anger and unresolved issues of life can create disease in our bodies. Allowing our spirit to engage our soul is a form of spiritual warfare fought on the battlefield of our physical body.

The spirit, soul, and body are not independent silos of our being. They are part of our unique creation intended by God to work in harmony with each other and form a union with God’s intended will for our lives. When our spirit begins to fill our soul with truth and trust in God’s unfailing love, miracles are possible in all areas of our life.


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