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Significant military conflicts could take place in the coming days on several global fronts. As tensions rise, we need to be praying with wisdom and Spirit-influenced insight and not allow our geographic isolation from these conflicts to lull us into a place of intercessory complacency. It is very naïve to think these conflicts will not affect our lives in significant ways.

Reports are surfacing that Israel is preparing for a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities that by some reports are only months away from having the ability to produce a deliverable nuclear payload. Israel would be the primary target of Iran’s missiles. 

In recent months, China has been ramping up its threat to invade Taiwan. Russia is doing the same amassing troops at the border of Ukraine. Each of these looming conflicts, if they develop, will radically challenge global stability. They would also put the United States in a position of compromise because one nation could not be spread so thin militarily and still be able to provide promised intervention on so many fronts.

This is what Jesus spoke of when He said we would hear about wars and rumors of war. He said when these things begin to take place to not allow our hearts to be gripped by fear. Only the peace offered by a personal relationship with Jesus and the words of hope provided in Scripture can keep our hearts at peace as global events spiral out of control and move beyond our natural ability to control the outcome. 

Prepare to see the intervention of God take place in these looming conflicts as answers to our prayers. These interventions will appear as dramatic as events noted in Scripture where it seemed all was lost for Israel until the angelic hosts of Heaven’s armies arrived and demonstrated God’s power and authority in miraculous ways.


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