Run your race of faith with integrity. The finish line is still a long way off. You will be rewarded for your obedience even though the natural odds are stacked against you. What seems obvious at this stage in the race will not be the final outcome. God is waiting in your future to reward your faithfulness. 

On Saturday, something happened that was a first in Kentucky Derby history. A horse named Maximum Security crossed the finish line and was presumed to be the winner. That was what most people thought until the race was reviewed and it was determined Maximum Security left his race lane and interfered with another horse, War of Will. A horse named Country House, a 65 to 1 long shot, was running in an outside lane unaffected by the violation. Country House moved ahead of War of Will and was later declared the winner after the video of the infraction was reviewed. Maximum Security was disqualified. A disqualification of the presumed winner had never happened in the 145-year history of the Kentucky Derby. 

While the video of the race was reviewed, the Winner’s Circle remained empty as people in the stands waited for the victorious horse and jockey to appear. The press was also present in the waiting along with the Governor of Kentucky who was ready to award a trophy to the winner. The waiting became increasingly uncomfortable as the minutes passed. Then an announcement came over the PA system, “The result of the race is unofficial. Hold all tickets.” A few moments later, Country House was declared the winner and the focus of celebration shifted. 

The result of the 145th Kentucky Derby is a metaphor for what is taking place at this moment in our history. We are in a time when God will make similar announcements in the realm of the Spirit that will shift outcomes in individual lives and within the institutions of our culture. Do not presume what crossed a natural finish line first is the will of God. God has the final word in all things.  Run your race with integrity, stay in your lane, and trust God to make the final call. That will be your place of peace when the race seems most in jeopardy. Your integrity and God’s goodness will make the final call.


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