The Arrival and Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecies

by | May 6, 2019 | Favor, Future, God, Grace, Hope, Mercy, Promise, Prophecy, Prophetic, Revival, Truth, Vision. | 0 comments

The fulfillment of prophetic words spoken hundreds and even thousands of years ago are arriving at this moment in history. These words were spoken in a distant time and place intended for delivery at this time in our lives. The prophets who uttered these words had no idea about our future existence. They simply spoke in obedience and trusted the word would be carried by the Spirit over time and space to impact our lives today.

Scientists have discovered evidence of something called gravitational waves. These waves were mathematically predicted by Einstein 100 years ago. Only recently have we developed the ability to detect and measure their existence. 

Gravitational waves are produced when large objects begin rotating around each other creating such force they set off a gravitational wave that begins to move through space. The phenomenon is similar to someone dropping a rock in a pond and watching the rippling waves move outward from a single point of impact. Space is elastic. It can bend, warp, and be compressed. These characteristics allow a wave to travel through entire galaxies to finally arrive on Earth. Some of these gravitational waves were generated billions of years ago and are just now impacting our planet. 

Do not be surprised when a blessing or breakthrough arrives without your knowledge. These arriving words are the fulfillment of a prophetic transmission released at some point in history past intended to arrive in your life at this precise moment. Some of the best things in your life of faith will come as a surprise to remind you that God has always had you on His mind and in His heart long before your natural body was formed. 


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