Intercessors – God’s Spiritual Line Sitters

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There are people who make a living as professional line sitters. These line sitters stand in place for people who don’t want to wait in line for the release of a new product or for tickets to an upcoming Broadway performance.

One man in New York who was waiting in line to purchase a new iPhone was paid $14,000.00 for his place in line. That sparked an idea. Now the man manages 20-30 line sitters in the company he started. They average $2,000.00 week.

As I read about this innovative business idea, I thought of some of you who have felt like spiritual line sitters. You have stood in faith for weeks, months and even years in prayer for people you love. You have stood believing when they refused to believe. You spoke words of hope when the ones you love spoke words of death. You have slept on the dark streets of spiritual conflict and weathered the storms of your place of faith all the while praying and believing.

In the Kingdom of God spiritual line sitting is not the same as the actual business I described. God has not called you to this place of faith to turn the fruit of your labor over to someone else like a line sitter would give a product or ticket to the person who hired them. You will not walk away empty handed from your labor of prayer.

While you have been waiting in the line of faith, God has also been at work in you. He has been at work in your heart performing something as equally profound as the object of your prayerful waiting. As you stood in line, God was deepening your trust in Him. He has been transforming you as you inched forward step-by-step in prayer toward the reward of your faithfulness. When God finally releases the fulfillment of your prayers, He will show you the other reward – the reward of a faithful intercessor. Once you experience this reward for the first time, a joy will rise in your heart the next time this assignment comes about. It will no longer be seen as a boring and tedious wait in line. It will become a place of expectation that God is able to perform what He promised.


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