Watching the Bobber of Your Faith

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Something is about to take place with the promise you are ready to abandon. Hang on and wait just a little longer. The promise is coming to the surface.

When I was a kid my father took me fishing. One of my favorite ways to fish was with a bobber and worm. A bobber is a small red and white plastic ball a fisherman attaches to their line a few feet above a worm. The bobber floats on the surface of the water waiting to alert the fisherman that something was bumping the bait.

What I loved about fishing with a bobber was the anticipation it created. On a windy day, when small waves hit the bobber, it would move like a fish was nibbling on the worm. That produced a lot of false alarms and a premature jerking of the pole in an attempt to set the hook on a fish that was not there. On a calm day, the smallest bump of a fish would send out little ripples across the glassy water letting you know a bite was imminent. The ultimate excitement in bobber fishing is when a fish takes a serious bite on the worm and the bobber completely disappears under water. At that moment all doubt is removed and the fight is on.

Some of you have given up on a word of promise because you have not seen any activity around your bobber of faith. You walked away and thought nothing will ever happen. It was like the time I walked away from my bobber after an hour of inactivity. My dad said, “Son, keep your eye on your bobber!” I didn’t and went back to the truck. A few minutes later dad yelled, “Garris, you have a fish on!” Down the dirt bank of the lake I ran to find the tip of my pole bouncing up and down and the bobber nowhere in sight. After a few minutes of playing the fighting fish, I landed a nice bass.

Your Heavenly Father prefers to have you wait and watch with Him like my father wanted me to do with him. In the waiting, I had the best conversations with my dad. God wants the same kind of time with us. The promise is not the reason He wants to wait with us. We are the object of His love. He wants this time together because He loves us more than a fulfilled promise. God’s love is so great that even if you have abandoned your place of promise, He will be faithful to call you back when the action starts. He will call you back because He wants to share your excitement. It will be just like it was the day my father let me know a fish was on and my bobber had disappeared. When I finally landed my fish, I looked over at my father. He was smiling and said, “Good job, son!”


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