It Is Time To Start Moving Again

by | May 16, 2014 | Future, Gifts, Hope, Joy, Obedience, Prophetic, Redemption | 0 comments

Your life has been idling at this intersection
for too long. This was only a temporary
stop, not a place to park. As you pulled
up to this season of life God intended you to stop and like driving a car you
needed to move forward again, but you haven’t.

The honking horns behind you are those things
that need to move forward with you in this journey.  Your indecision is causing a traffic jam for
you and for those traveling with you.  It
is time to start moving forward again. 
God is not done with you – He is only done with this season where you
have decided to stop and park.

There is more of life ahead for you.  There will even be other stop signs like this
one in your future.  These traffic signs
are not your destination – they only help you get to your destination safely.  Like this stop sign each one serves a
temporary purpose.

While you have sat here parked and idling you have
forgotten the joy of spiritual and emotional travel.  Put your life in gear and begin to move
forward once again.  In this renewed
journey you will rediscover the joy of forward motion – a joy this stop sign
cannot provide.


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