It’s a New Day!

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Last night in a dream, I was asked to speak at a conference. The church where the conference was being held had been a cutting-edge ministry. The sanctuary reflected what at the time was a very innovative form of architecture but now looked outdated and tired. The seating was positioned at different angles and elevations trying to represent diversity. The church had a place for two baptistries that had long since been removed. Many of the seats were worn and threadbare. The entire structure was dated and sad.

When the people began to arrive for the conference, it was like their eyes had been dulled to the sad reality of their ministry. They seemed robotic and focused only on their immediate surroundings. , As I walked around laying hands on each chair praying for the people who would occupy the seats, I realized the Lord had sent me to speak without giving me a word. He wanted me on site to discern what was taking place and then He would give me the word.

As I walked by the sound booth and saw my friend, Andy Southmayd, who was invited as the guest worship leader. He was adjusting the sound system. Andy had the same look I had on my face wondering what had happened to the church over the years of spiritual and physical neglect. In the next moment, his face began to glow with joy as he heard a word from the Lord. Andy shouted, “It’s a new day! It’s a new day! It’s a new day!” He kept shouting those words from the sound booth over the empty room. Then I realized my entire sermon would consist of only four words – It’s a new day! I would shout that declaration over and over again like a parent trying to rouse a sleepy child to begin a new day.

Each day is new to God. A new day only becomes worn and familiar if we allow our lives to succumb to fear, doubt and disbelief. If we choose to declare – It’s a new day! – a spiritual renovation will begin taking place. The lies we believed and the resulting tired and outdated ways of thinking will be displaced by our faith. Today is truly a new day. 

“How pleasant to see a new day dawning” (Ecclesiastes 11:7).


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