Women who are pregnant possess a unique beauty. They are carriers of new life and the life they carry illuminates something in their expression only seen during pregnancy. I remember when Jan was pregnant with our children. She has always been a stunning beauty to me, but there was something unique in her presence that captivated my heart, even more, when she carried our children.

I remember Jan reaching down with both her hands and clasping her baby bump holding it like someone holding a precious package. She would look down at her bulging tummy and smile then look up at me. That is also the image of someone who knows they carry a promise from God.

When we are pregnant with a promise, we aren’t supposed to look and act like a skinny model on a runway functioning as a human clothes hanger in heels. We should carry ourselves in faithful expectancy like a woman on her due date. Spiritually pregnant people move through life differently than someone who is not pregnant. The promise carried by an expectant person changes how they walk through life, the spiritual food they eat, and the postures of life they assume.

If we know we are pregnant with a promise from God, we should live like the spiritually fertile person we are and not give off the impression of barrenness. Some of you are deep into the gestation process of your promise. Soon you will feel the contractions of the birth. Carrying the promise has not been easy, but to the rest of us, you have exuded an extraordinary beauty that only comes from someone who knows they are spiritually pregnant with a promise from God. 


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