Its No Longer About “Going Into The Ministry”

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Apostle, Church, Five-fold, Reformation, Revival | 0 comments

Since the publication of my book, The Sound of Reformation, I have been talking to people about their place of ministry. No longer does the phrase “going into the ministry” make any real Kingdom sense if it means in order for someone to engage in a life of ministry they must become a pastor or a missionary in a traditional sense.

The moment a person is awakened to the reality of Jesus Christ they will find themselves standing in a place of ministry. They have no need to go anywhere. In that awakening experience, they will be standing on one of the 7 mountains of culture – Government, Religion, Education, Economy, Arts/Entertainment, Family or Media. There is no need to “go into the ministry” since they are already standing in a place of ministry.  Yes, some will continue to fill the traditional ministry roles of pastor or missionary, but that number will become smaller and smaller as we discover the untapped potential of the Church when she sees her current assignment in culture as her place of ministry.

We are living in a hinge point of radical transformation within the Church. People are beginning to discover the unique sound and the supernatural potential of their voice – the sound of truth spoken in love -in their current place of life-assignment. There is no need to go anywhere to make this discovery. Paul was no less in the ministry when he was making tents than he was when he traveled full-time as a missionary. You are no less in the ministry if you work at Wal-Mart, run a Fortune 500 company or serve as a retired person volunteering somewhere in your community. The reformation currently taking place will begin with reforming the way we think about our role and place of ministry. Once we come to understand those two things a reformation of culture will be the unstoppable by-product.


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