You may need to exit a toxic relationship, a financial struggle or a season of wandering without purpose. Until you initiate a plan to walk away from these situations and into a place of peace and provision, you could languish in their pain longer than necessary. 

Get practical with the application of your spirituality. The exit strategy you seek requires your involvement. The plan for your exit will include a series of practical decisions only you can make. If you can put aside the challenges you are currently facing and the lies being spoken about your future long enough to delight in the Lord and His goodness, in that place of delighting He will give you not only the desires of your heart but the plan required to make those desires a living reality.  

The doorway leading out of this painful situation will begin to open once you make an exchange with God. Offer Him your fear and He will give you the increased measure of faith you will need to believe an exit is possible. Your new level of faith will provide you with the creativity required to develop an exit strategy and take its first step forward into a new future.  It’s time!


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