It’s Not About Salvaging Our Ministry

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Apostle, Church, Father, Integrity, Kingdom of God, Leadership | 0 comments

I am in debt to anointed pastors who nurtured me at the beginning of my walk of faith. I remember listening to a conversation where a leader had fallen into serious sin. The leader met with my pastor, Roy Hicks, Jr., to begin a process of healing and restoration. When the fallen leader entered my pastor’s study for their first counseling session, Roy raised his hand before a single word was spoken and said, “This is not about restoring you to ministry. It is about getting healthy spiritually and restoring you to God.” 

Too often, we over-value personal ministry at the expense of wisdom and integrity. God is not impressed with our ministry no matter how large and expansive it might appear. He is concerned about the integrity of our hearts. If we forget about integrity, we will enter a place of spiritual peril and end up wounding and confusing those who have entrusted themselves to our leadership.


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