The Transformation of a Painful Setback

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Deliverance, Favor, Freedom, Future, Honor, Mercy, Promise, Redemption | 0 comments

Your set back will become a set forward when God intervenes. You cannot change what has taken place or who was wounded in the painful process, but you can change the condition of your heart. A changed heart will invite God’s hand to reach down and transform your set back into a set forward. 

God is hovering over your circumstance waiting for your heart change to take place so He can pick you up from this setback place and move your forward over all the spiritual and emotional wreckage that seems impossible to cross in your own strength. The Lord will put you down in a new place – a place your detractors and condemners told you was not possible for someone like you. 

When you arrive in the set forward place, let your first response be worship and thanksgiving, not self-justification and payback. That choice will be the first outward evidence that your heart has truly changed.


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