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When we see people spending time criticizing ministries of which they do not approve or when people try to infer only one translation of the Bible is acceptable or when you are told you must believe their narrow interpretation on points of theology, you have met a modern-day Pharisee. 

These self-appointed spiritual hall monitors typically begin raising their voices just before the next move of God is about to take place. They are used by the enemy as a diversion tactic to blur our focus and drain our energy. These kinds of people surrounded Jesus during His earthly ministry. They were not from “the world.” They came from within the community of faith. 

Nothing we do or believe is perfect. That includes how we engage in ministry, our preferred translation of the Bible, or our conclusions regarding theology. Only Jesus can fulfill those demands. If you encounter this hyper-critical spirit, keep walking. They have nothing to add to your faith or to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.


  1. John J Anderson II

    A friend of the Russian Orthodox persuasion reminded me “I am unable to master my own sins. What business do I have judging others for their shortcomings and preferences. All that I can do with assurance of God’s will is to pray “Lord Have Mercy!” (on them and on me).

    Thanks, Garris, for faithfully pointing us always to the character and presence of Jesus!

  2. John Curtis

    When these folks approach you, listen calmly, smile, and say, “ thank you for sharing your views with me.”


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