Kicking the Prophetic Ball Down the Field

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With the election
now behind us, and the painful process of national healing set before us, I am
taking time to review the prophetic words I released in the weeks leading up to
November 8. To be honest, I had no idea who would win the race for the White
House. I wish I had that revelation, but it was not mine to deliver. The reason
why I conduct these personal prophetic reviews is to learn more about the gift
I carry and to evaluate the character of my personal life and my public ministry.

On November 1, I
wrote, “Kingdom Cartography: God is Re-drawing the Maps of Spiritual
Authority.” In this word the Lord said He was releasing a new group of
apostolic leaders who would re-draw the lines of spiritual authority for the
nations. This map would lie beneath the natural maps as a foundation to
influence the course of human events.

On November 5, I
posted an article titled, “A Last Minute Intervention”. In that word, I
described a spiritual relay race where an unexpected runner would enter the
race and pass off his baton at the last moment for the final leg of the race.
This unexpected runner appeared out of nowhere to the surprise of those
watching the race.

On November 7, I
shared, “Angelic Arrivals”. In a vision I saw newly opened heavenly
portals depicting the release of angelic activity over our nation. These open
portals allowed the resources of Heaven to enter this realm to accomplish what
could not be accomplished in our own strength.

None of these words
said who would win the election. Reviewed in retrospect they seem to point in a
direction, but by themselves they lacked a full revelation. The words I shared needed
other prophetic voices to define in greater detail what I only saw in part. My
assignment was to share only what God gave me, nothing more.

The hundreds of
prophetic words released during this election season from a variety of different
sources reminded me of a single soccer ball being kicked down the field toward
the goal. Prophetic ministry is a team sport. Play your part and trust God. He
knows how to get the ball over the goal line.


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