If you are carrying
rocks of judgment with the intent to verbally stone a prophet for getting a
word wrong, it is time to drop the rocks. Stoning is part of an expired
covenant. Pray for those who tried their best to hear God and are now licking
their wounds and searching their hearts wondering how they missed what they so
confidently declared.

A failed prophecy
doesn’t pull the plug on a gift. It can actually become a turning point of
readjustment and reevaluation if we don’t get defensive or try to shift the

If we are willing
to let God use a prophetic failure for His purposes, it has the potential to deepen
our relationship with Him, mature the function of our gift and reveal our true
friends.  In order for these three things
to happen we have to surrender our failure and reputation to God, be willing to
honestly own our mistake and allow the friends who remain to speak openly and
honestly into our lives helping us to reconstruct and reengage our calling.

God wants the
Church to be a transparent and redeeming community. That is the nature of the
new covenant. It is also one of the most powerful advertisements to the world
that Jesus is in our midst patiently working with imperfect people who are
trying to represent a perfect God.


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