Learning To Follow The Nudge Of God’s Spirit

by | Aug 13, 2016 | Prophecy, Prophetic | 0 comments

The communication of God’s Spirit is not always obvious or
easily discerned. We must train our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear what
the Spirit is revealing. A single word that appears out of nowhere or the
arrival of an announced image in your mind can too easily be dismissed as
insignificant or “just me”. These subtle indicators may carry a deeper and more
profound revelation when pursued in faith.

Investigate these words and images and take hold of them to
discern their author and content. Once these initial forms of communication are grasped
by your conscious mind a single word may become a complete sentence or a
stand-alone image could develop into a full-blown prophetic motion picture.

All journeys into prophetic revelation begin with someone who is willing
to take the first investigative step of faith. Those who listen and watch will hear
and see things not discerned by those who ignore the gentle nudge of the Spirit
or disdain all forms of prophetic revelation.

At some point you will have to put aside your fear of
failure and deception. God is a loving Father. He will be faithful to watch
over you throughout your journey of discovery with the safeguards of His Word
and His Spirit. In moments of revelation never forget that God’s ability to
lead you into truth is always greater than the devil’s ability to lead you into


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