You Can Break Free

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Some people are being held in the grip of things they never imagined would now have control over them. They are being led around like slaves
and can’t seem to find release from the dark grip that pulls them through life
contrary to the freedom they were given in Jesus Christ.

When I was a young man there was a span of several years
when I studied a number of different styles of martial arts – Chinese, Japanese
and Korean. Each one brought very unique forms of self-defense. One Japanese style
known for its hand techniques taught me how to get out of a wrist grab. This technique was used if someone comes up
to you and grabs your wrist in an attempt to take you somewhere against your

Our sensei (teacher) demonstrated this simple technique.
Once grabbed, he rolled his wrist into the gap between the attacker’s index
finger and thumb while pulling his arm back toward his chest. When properly executed his arm would out pop
out of the attacker’s grip releasing him from unwanted control. The wrist bone
close the surface on the inside of the sensei’s wrist became like a knife-edge
that cut through the attacker’s grip. The biggest and stronger students in the
room could not hold the sensei no matter how hard they tried to grip him. When
it was our turn the same held true. It was a remarkably simple, yet powerful

When hell grips your life the weak point in hell’s grip is
when you choose to live in the light. Living in the light of God’s truth is the
gap between hell’s thumb and index finger. Paul wrote, “But everything exposed by the
light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.”  (Ephesians 5:13) The exposure of hell’s
deception to the light of truth is the first step toward freedom.

Whatever we bring to the light is exposed and actually becomes
light. No matter how complicit we were in a particular sin, hell cannot
continue to hold a person who has made the decision to live a life exposed to the
light of truth and transparency. Once exposed the grip of darkness is broken and
the previously hidden areas of our lives that bred shame and sorrow are now transformed
into something beautiful.

You are no longer defined as a sinner. You are now a saint. Your
new identity gives you the ability to break free from any lie hell will use in
an attempt to enslave your life. You no longer have to yield to the controlling grip
of sin. You can choose freedom instead,
because as Paul said, “It is for
freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1) Once you make the choice
to live in the light you will begin to live a life that continually breaks free from  hell’s attempt to take you in a direction
contrary to your true identity.

Jesus wants us to
live free because our freedom is destined to become a living illustration of a
resurrected life. Sight is the first step toward a life of freedom. Look down at
your spiritual wrist and identify any lie that has taken hold of your life and
break free!


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