Meeting the Echo of Your Voice

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Faith, Hope, Promise, Prophecy, Prophetic, Word | 0 comments

Some of you have spoken words of faith that have not yet come to pass. You have wondered if you missed something. If this is you, I have a word for you.

I saw you standing in the future. Sound waves created by your words of faith were arriving like echoes from the past. These sound waves were actually impacting you. You could feel their arrival. Then the image transitioned back into the past to a moment of belief when you spoke a word of faith that sent a sound wave of hope forward into your future. Past, present and future, God was proving Himself faithful to the word you spoke in faith.

I wondered how this was all possible then I realized God had accelerated the timing of your life to meet the word you released. The assignment of your faith was to continue believing what God had spoken. Your act of faith allowed Him to accelerate and position your life to now stand in the sound and content of what you had prophesied.

No word spoken in faith will ever be lost. It has an assignment to manifest in time and space. These words are creative in their potential. God has a plan to align your life with the content of what you prophesied to create new scenarios and bring about new relationships where the fulfillment has been destined to take place.

In the future, God is arranging your arrival and the arrival of other people for an alignment with a perfect set of circumstances that will become the stage where the word you spoke will be played out. Once all the participants are in place, the sound and effect of the word you spoke will arrive to begin a process of supernatural transformation. The timing and fulfillment of the word are God’s responsibility, not yours. You have been called to wait in hope for the arrival of what you have spoken in faith. God will be faithful to perform what He promised.


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