My Absolutes, My Bottom Line And The Things I Know To Be True

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Church, Identity, Joy, Peace, Truth | 0 comments

A life without a foundation of truth will eventually begin to wander. Our perception of truth becomes relative and flexible if sourced in human logic and emotion. If we allow these two issues to become our truth interpreters, it becomes difficult to live a simple and uncomplicated life and possess the unburdened faith Jesus invited us to experience. 

Have you explored what exists at your bottom line? Chances are it has become cluttered. It can take time and effort to dig down through all the religious debris to finally make this discovery. Digging through will require three tools: God’s Word, the Spirit and a personal honesty that only comes when you have navigated through your own personal failure to finally become humbled before the mercy of God. 

Here is what I discovered after a lifetime of a faith digging:

Jesus is God.
Love is the better way.
God is good.
Mercy will always triumph over judgment.
Forgiveness wins in the end.
God will never abandon me.

These points are my foundation for living. They have become the template of truth I place over my understanding of life. I don’t place my understanding of life over these issues to adjust their truth to my current reality. I adjust my life and my response to what life brings my way to these greater truths. 

Developing your own list will become a gift to you because once you establish your list you will no longer be drawn into the divisive battles that an overly complicated faith demands.


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