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The garments of dishonor and disobedience are beginning to fall to the ground. These are not just the garments worn by corrupted governments or the moguls of industry and media. They include the garments we as followers of Christ have worn that have presented a broken image of the Church to the world.

The Lord is loosening what bound these garments to us. At first, people will attempt to grab the garments and hold them in place to prevent exposure, but they will have nothing to grasp. The fabric of the garments will have so loosened under the influence of the Spirit that it will be impossible to grab a handhold to stop the disrobing.  The love of God is causing these garments to fall, not the sin that held them in place.  The disrobing is an act of His mercy.

As we all stand naked before the Lord, we will have a choice. Will we try to dress ourselves again with the same failures as before or will we remain naked in submission before the Lord and allow Him to clothe us with His presence? That is the only garment transparent enough to keep us honest before the Lord and, at the same time, shield us from the prying eyes of dark spirits that will attempt to cloth us once again with a cheap imitation of a pure and transparent spiritual life.

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  1. Mike Kludt

    Zechariah 3


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