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There are times when individuals or institutions within a society are so infested by a demonic influence that the only remedy is deliverance. Deliverance will raise the eyebrows of the intelligentsia among us who, in their pursuit of “knowledge” have abandoned the supernatural. It also sadly causes some within the Church to shy away because they have never seen an aggressive expression of faith.

It is by no accident that the story of Jesus and His disciples crossing a stormy sea and arriving in the Gadarenes where Jesus was confronted by two demon-possessed men are back-to-back in Scripture. Fear was the issue in each story and only the delivering power of God had the ability to cast out the influence that created the fear. 

While Jesus slept through the storm, He was awakened by His disciples shouting in fear of death by drowning. When he stepped out of the boat now floating on a calm sea, the two possessed men ran to Him. These demon-possessed men had been “so violent that no one could go through that area” (Matthew 8:28).  The area was listed as a restricted Do Not Enter zone, so dangerous people were not willing to go through the area for fear of death or injury. They were not able to live a normal life until Jesus arrived and cast the demons out of the two men. 

We have demons in control of areas of our culture that can only be displaced by the power of God. We can’t vote them out, police them out or threaten them out. In some cases, only an exorcism of darkness can drive out the presence of hell. 

Jesus gave His disciples authority over demonic powers as He sent them out to minister. The Lord knew this would be a necessary offensive Kingdom tool when His followers were confronted by hell and good works would not be enough to bring transformation. Luke addressed this “One day Jesus called together his twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases” (Luke 9:1). Casting out demons was also noted by the Lord as evidence the Church was present and doing business in the world “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name, they will drive out demons” (Mark 16:17).

Some have forgotten or even abandoned the delivering power of Jesus as a vital option when it comes to setting people, cities, and nations free from living in fear. Entire neighborhoods in some of the cities within our nation are living like the people of the Gadarenes. Fear holds them captive and restricts their lives. What we are driving out as we command these dark spirits to depart is the effect of their presence – fear. Only the power of God can calm the storms of life and reinstitute freedom in the “Do Not Enter” zones of culture. We possess that power and the world is waiting to see and experience its demonstration.


  1. Jonathan Mask


  2. Riekie

    This is my constant cry! Lord release your power again on us your disciples. May your perfect love be manifest and drive out all fear. Bless you Garris

    • Cheryl

      God’s power is within us already. We need to do our part. God already did His. The Kingdom of God is inside believers. He that is in us is greater than he that is in this world. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We shall do even greater things. We fight from victory on the cross through the resurrection, not for victory. It is already finished. We need only believe, speak in faith & watch the mighty hand of God move all those mountains. We bind evil spirits & loose goodness & all Godliness in Jesus Name. We are one with Christ. The same power lives in us. No separation. It is written.

  3. Jamie Ferguson

    The power is already there for us to access. We simply have not laid all our emotions on the altar. We are still stumbling around emotionally like the prophets of Baal….thinking our emotional pleas get the response of God. Instead it was a sacrifice covered in water… emotions submitted to the word of God…that moved God.


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