There is no steering wheel in another person’s life that you
can grab to help steer their life away from crisis and sorrow. In the human
will and mind these steering wheels do not exist. For those who want to help
another person this can be both frustrating and heartbreaking because we want
to do something to express our love. A life can only be steered by the hand of
God or by human will. Both of these are out of your control.

You’ve made many attempts to help this person, but it
seems like you are once again back at the starting point. You might find
yourself reaching into the mind of a child who is struggling mentally, a friend’s
empty emotions or the shallow spiritual condition of a spouse. You have tried
to grab for something to help steer them to wholeness, but nothing is there for
you to grasp.  At first, we all try to
steer those we love, but there will come a point when you realize you need to stop.  This is the place where you choose to release
what you cannot control.

There is
something you can take hold of in the meantime. 
You can take hold of a promise from God. This is what your hands can
grasp. God has a plan for the one you love and that loving plan will be what eventually
steers their life to their God-designed destiny.  “I will brighten the darkness before them and
smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things; I will
not forsake them. (Isaiah 42:16)


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