Old Camel Knees

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

It’s been four months since my knee injury and surgery. I am healing well gaining new strength and mobility with each passing day. Last night was the first time in four months when I could kneel at our bedside before retiring to pray for my family. Nightly prayer had become an anticipated routine in my life. I still prayed each night but standing up to pray did not feel the same. Kneeling and praying last night was like reconnecting with an old friend I had dearly missed after a long absence.

Kneeling for me represents a posture of submission where I exchange my fear and doubt about the future for trust and hope in the goodness of God. No matter what posture our lives might take, submission to the Lordship and love of Jesus Christ is the beginning point for all breakthroughs.

We are living in confusing and spiritually perilous times. I have seen things in the Spirit – things that cause me concern – things that drive me to my knees. The only way to navigate through these issues is to adopt a position of humility and surrender to God, not to the things that trouble us. Our spiritual posture will determine our place in the coming victories the Lord will bring to pass.

James, the brother of Jesus was called “Old Camel Knees.”  He was known for spending extended time on his knees in prayer asking God to forgive the sins of the people. His knees had become so calloused they looked like the weathered knees of an old camel. I want my physical life, and yours, to be marked in some way by our commitment to the will of God.

The greatest spiritual victories take place from a posture of prayer. Those prayers will change our lives and prioritize our schedules and, in some cases, leave behind the physical evidence of our commitment to God and His Kingdom. 


  1. Linda

    Amen !!

  2. Denisa

    Lord bless. Amin

  3. John Anderson II

    I used to spend a lot of time laying on my face in prayer and worship. Berber carpet is quite comfortable – – but no one ever called me “Old Berber Face.” Oh well!


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