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by | Nov 11, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

We have been taught an abundance of information about the substance of our faith. Libraries could be filled with books on the subject. We have been taught who we are in Christ and learned how to do a weekly church gathering with excellence. Those things, while not wrong in any way, have allowed us to live within a naïve bubble of faith without engaging the struggles of culture. At this moment in history, we are in desperate need of teaching and demonstration on how to apply all we have been taught and believed to the gritty realities of life.

We have a mission. It is called the Great Commission where we are instructed to make disciples of all the nations. What is lacking many times is teaching on how to employ a strategy that will deploy an appropriate boots-on-the-ground offensive where truth, not compromise leads the way. Issues that are dividing us need a specific application, not broad-brush teaching without a defined method of engagement with the issues that are turning our nation down a dark path.

For some within the Church, this kind of spiritual engagement/activism is unseemly and offensive. It can even be considered unbiblical because they have been offered a passive Gospel that simply goes with ebbs and flows of culture without any form of intervention. This is not a call to arms or some rabid mercenary-like political platform gone awry. It is about the voice of the Church being heard with distinction amidst the cultural chaos and bringing solutions to the table not currently visible on the social landscape. 

This is a moment for the Church to disciple a nation with the application of unvarnished truth. Fear is the greatest weapon in hell’s arsenal. If we follow any form of fear it will always have us join the submitted masses on a journey that will lead us to a destination of regret. In the end, that regret will create tremendous sorrow because we chose to remain silent and disconnected from reality as our hopes and dreams were led to slaughter.


  1. Scott

    You put to words the thoughts of many so well. Thanks, Garris, for your faithful efforts to encourage and inspire us.

    We really need the Holy Spirit. Agreeing with this message motivates us to draw near to Him, and listen!!!!
    . I think of the israelíes in Egypt. What to do in the midst of the evil culture they lived in? Then God comes and gives Moses instructions on what to do…with the power of the “rod of God” (Moses’s staff) to do the miraculous. May we all use what God had given us to push back the evil in our day

  2. David Penner

    Garris – do I detect the subject of a new book?


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