Our Worst Enemy – God’s Chosen Instrument

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Look across the landscape of your life and ask, “Who is the least likely person I know who might become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ?” This is a question the first believers in Jerusalem would have no problem answering. They would have said, “Saul!” Saul, who would later become Paul, was eager to kill believers to squash what he perceived to be a band of rebellious apostates. He went house-to-house dragging believers from their homes in chains. He continued his rampage until he had an encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Jesus described Paul to Ananias as “my chosen instrument.”

More than ever before, I realize the ills of our culture and the struggles resulting from human brokenness will only be remedied by an encounter with the risen Christ. No amount of good deeds, political correctness, or strained agreement can accomplish this kind of transformation.

Today, when you hear the voice or see an image of a person you perceive as an enemy to all you hold dear, ask the Lord to meet them on their personal Damascus Road. That kind of prayer only comes from a heart living and responding to life under the Lordship of Jesus. 

Perhaps one reason why we see so much angst and division in the world is that we have forgotten the admonition of Jesus to pray for those who we perceive as our enemies. Some of those individuals are God’s chosen instruments who will be used in astounding ways to advance His Kingdom. 


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