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This week, I was reminded of a book I read 25 years ago by Tom Clancy titled Debt of Honor. In the book, Clancy describes a deteriorating relationship between Japan and the United States. As the book plot came to mind, I recalled the most dramatic scene in the book when a disgruntled Japanese airline pilot flew his 747 into the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. during a joint session of Congress killing the politicians and the President. The book was written six years before 9-11 and some analysts believe it could have been a model for the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

As the book and the crash of the airliner came to mind several times last week, I took it as a Spirit-led call to prayer. Alliances are being formed, many based on national debt loads similar to the declining Japanese economy, that are taking place under the radar of most people. These alliances will not be formed by honor or justice, but for economic expediency and military dominance.

We need to be praying for Asia as the world is focused on the war in Ukraine. China has strategically aligned its resources with nations in the region that need financial assistance as a means to achieve China’s global goals. Our prayers matter because the lives of millions of innocent people will be dramatically affected if such alliances are formed. 

Pieces on the global political chessboard are being positioned by the execution of very planned and precise moves, moves that are not impulsive but have been in the works for decades. None of us feel like we can personally intervene in these manipulations of nations, but we can pray. Prayer will become a stumbling block placed in the path of these dark plans. When these plans begin to stumble unexpectedly it will astonish those who could not imagine such intervention was possible. Those answered prayers will confirm the power and authority of Jesus Christ as He intervenes in the affairs of nations.


  1. John Anderson II

    Author John Perkins (“confessions of an economic hit man”, “the secret history of the American Empire”) outlined a plan whereby the USA, using the World Bank, would create a global empire through the debt-enslavement of poor nations, who would provide the USA with votes at the United Nations and critical locations for military bases in exchange for renegotiated repayment terms. China, since 2004, has followed that corrupt model, using their own “foreign aid” and infrastructure loans by the Asia Development Bank to take control of over 90% of the global supply of critical minerals.

    But we are near a tipping point, where Kingdom resources will be used to liberate the enslaved peoples and nations and bring new hope. Hallelujah!

  2. Riekie

    I’m in Australia. Many of our close Pacific island neighbours are in China’s control due to acceptance of so called Aid. But God!!


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