Prophesying Prayer – Turning the Tables on Hell

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Prayer, Prophecy | 0 comments

Our prayers need to
contain an element of prophetic release. When you pray for a difficult
situation don’t limit your prayers to only petitions.

Your prayers need
to contain the creative potential of prophecy. God is waiting to hear you pray
prophetically and call into being the answers you seek. This kind of prayer is
not limited to asking. It is declarative. It is creative. It is imaginative.

These prayers
contain a variety and specificity that makes it more difficult for hell to work
against you because you are calling forth things not present in your obvious
suffering. Your prophetic prayers will invite a multitude of answers that
demonic powers must now devote their time and energy to in order to impede
their delivery. They will become like confused jugglers with too many objects
in the air to juggle effectively.

Today, make it hard
for hell to oppose your petitions in prayer. Prophesy a new future that will
release new solutions. Call forth a variety of breakthroughs. Let your
God-empowered imagination run wild exploring and declaring a panoramic display
of answers to your prayers. Confuse the enemy. He has too long confused you and
now it is time to turn the tables on him.


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