A Release is Coming

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Last night, I was teaching a prophetic class in the school of ministry at Life Church in Salem, Oregon. Jan and I met some wonderful people who are hungry for God. Normally when I speak somewhere, my books are made available for sale. A kind woman from the church offered to manage the book table for me.

After teaching and greeting some of the students, I walked back to the book table. It had been about 30 minutes since I finished my teaching. The woman working the book table looked troubled. She let me know she sold a lot of books but was concerned the credit card sales did not go through. We use something called Square. Square gives a person the ability to use a credit card to make a purchase anywhere a Wi-Fi signal exists.

I was shown the iPad we use for the credit card sales and sure enough, it had not been logged onto the Internet. The woman was afraid all the sales had not gone through. She began to offer to make it right and I told her that is not how we do life. If a mistake took place it was just that – a mistake. We would simply assume God was gifting the books.

I finally was able to log onto the Internet and checked the status of the sales report. As I checked, one after one, the sales made when the unit was not connected to the Internet began to appear. The sales were held “somewhere” and finally registered once the connection was made with Square via Wi-Fi.

Some of you have felt like my Square account last night. You have felt disconnected from the results of your labor. Nothing has seemed to register when you prayed. The solutions you hoped for have not materialized. In this time of disconnect, God has not forgotten. He has kept each prayer and each act of obedience safe and secure in His heart. He has not let them disappear. They have been waiting for release in this time of renewed intimacy with God. 

 God did not hold these answers back as a form of punishment. He simply wanted you to reconnect with Him at a deeper level of intimacy so that when the answers and solutions are finally released and begin to flood your life, your new intimacy with God will have created the capacity required to contain all that He has planned. Nothing was lost. It will all arrive at just the right time.


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