Prophetic Principles – Being Comfortable With Incomplete Revelation

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Prophecy, Revelation, Word | 0 comments

No prophetic word is complete and absolutely accurate
because it’s delivery was filtered through a human vessel. A prophetic word is only
a snapshot of a much larger reality. 
There is a peace that comes when you realize you only prophesy in part.
It is important to understand the scope of the part you bring.

This knowledge will set you free from having to
create an expanded word that reaches beyond the scope of what God initially revealed
to you. You are only an agent of delivery, not the creator of content.  Some words will appear to be fragments of
something much larger.  God has reasons
why He does not always give you the full picture.  In some cases, He is calling and engaging
other people to be part of the process of revelation and they will bring the elements
required to create the full picture of what God wants a person to hear.

Resist the urge to expand a word beyond the
simplicity of it’s original content in an attempt to make it more
understandable.  Your expanded version can
actually create problems for those receiving the word.  They may only have a small blank to fill in to
complete the content of the larger word God is speaking.  The faithful delivery of your simple and unaltered
word will drop into that blank spot and complete the message God wanted them to


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