Prophetic Principles – When A Word Is Not Received

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There are several reasons why a prophetic word is not received.  The content of the word may have been correct, but you simply missed God’s timing. This happens when we get anxious to be heard and speak without asking God about His timing for the delivery.  Another reason could be the hearers of the word may not have the ears to hear what was spoken and they end up rejecting what they do not understand. Finally, the most challenging reason of all – it may not be God.

The last reason is devastating when it is realized.  This happens to everyone who is honest enough to admit it. No one likes to say a “Thus saith the Lord” and realize God wasn’t saying what we so confidently proclaimed. Some people who do not understand the gift of prophecy in the New Covenant context will call out the Old Covenant stone throwers who feel it is their assignment to stone your prophetic mistake.  Try to ignore these requests for the premature death of your ministry.

When a word is not received give God time to speak to you and reveal the reason why.  This is part of the maturity process we all go through as we learn how to speak with a prophetic voice.  As time goes on and you yield to the Spirit in humility, you will cultivate the ability to hear the distinct difference between your voice and the voice of God, His timing and yours.  Keep at it with a humble and teachable heart and God will be able to develop your gift into a trustworthy tool in His hands.

Try to not take any of this personally.  When a word is not received don’t allow your pride to get the best of you and keep you contending for something that is out of synch with God.  Pride will try to make you defensive.  Give your defensiveness to God and let Him have His way with your heart and emotions.  Some of the most profound things that transpire when a prophetic word is delivered is not the impact of the word or a timely delivery, but the work of refinement that takes place in the life and character of the person speaking the word. 

One of the greatest ways to gain the trust of the people to whom you prophesy is to admit a mistake.  They already know you are not perfect.  Trying to perpetuate the illusion of prophetic perfection will only drain way any remaining amount of credibility you have when speaking in God’s name.


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