Prophetic Principles – Keep it Simple and Leave It Alone

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Faith, Prohecy, Trust | 0 comments

The prophetic words God speaks through us can set in motion a season of breakthrough in a person’s life.  These words do not always carry with them the detailed instructions needed to walk out  each step of the journey.  Resist the urge to speak beyond the initial scope of the word you were given because your word is only part of a larger process.

As you prophesy, try to keep the content of what you speak simple resisting the urge to fill in all the blanks.  A prophetic word, when delivered in a simple and understandable fashion, will activate the faith of the hearer. At this point, the person receiving the prophetic word will begin to exercise their faith entering into a partnership with God to bring about the fulfillment of the word. This is where you need to step back and allow God to finish the work He began.

Leave people alone as they struggle with the implications of what was spoken. In the struggle they will learn to hear the voice of God at a deeper level.  The Holy Spirit will be faithful to come alongside and fill in all the blanks once a word has been activated by faith.  Filling in the blanks of how to apply a prophetic word is not the job of those who deliver the word – this is the job of the Holy Spirit. You are only responsible to be faithful in the delivery of a word, not in it’s fulfillment.


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