Yesterday, I was raking up mounds of colorful leaves that covered our back yard. While raking the leaves, the Lord said, “You are raking up the shade of summer.” I knew what He meant. I was raking into piles the very things that provided us with the cool shade we so appreciated during the hot summer months. Some of you are currently raking up a good thing from a previous season. What has fallen was not intended to accompany you on the next leg of your journey. It has served its purpose. Like the limbs on our trees, an area of your life seems bare as you look out upon your personal landscape. That bareness serves a new purpose. It allows light to enter your world to help you see things once hidden in the summertime shade of your recent history. This is all part of a healthy life cycle in the Spirit. It’s not a final destination. It is part of a larger process. Rake it up and move on.


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