You are Srtonger than You Realize

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Discipleship, Hope, Justice, Trust | 0 comments

If you have learned how to survive in a broken place for an extended season of time, you are stronger than you realize. Your life is living evidence that your faith is working and you are strong even though you might feel weak. In situations of civil unrest, natural disaster, or when someone lives in a nation where poverty and lack abound, those who have learned how to make life work in a difficult place are the strongest. They are the ones most likely to survive until conditions improve. If someone is thrust into a challenging situation from the “right” side of the cultural tracks and has never learned how to live outside the cocoon of abundance and ease, they are typically the first ones to succumb to adversity. In your struggle, you have developed hope and resilience that only comes to those who have learned how to trust God in a place of difficulty. 


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