Re-Crafting the Sound of Our Voice

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The Church must constantly learn how to communicate its message more effectively or the sound of our voice will be dismissed as irrelevant by the culture.  Motion pictures went through a migration of style and presentation to become what we watch today. That migration began on stage then moved to silent films and then become the first speaking films.  It was in this last part of the migration that some of the silent screen actors failed to make the transition to what was called the “Talkies” because the first talking movies exposed a weakness in their voice.

If you watch some of those old movies today they sound somewhat corny because of the lingering style of an over-effusive stage presence. While I occasionally like the old classics, the best movie experience for me is something produced in a language and style that is more in line with the real world in which I live.

Those who will have the greatest impact in this moment of history will be those who have successfully migrated through the changing styles of language and presentation to speak and demonstrate with cultural clarity the reforming message of the Kingdom. These reformers are change agents who have allowed God to re-craft the sound and style of their voice. They never parked. They kept moving forward. In that forward motion, they allowed reinvention.

These changes are most difficult for an established ministry to make because it will shake the core of support that pays the bills for a predictable style and sound. It will also shake those in positions of power who want the status quo to remain in place to safeguard their authority. It will cost something because in order to move forward and not just continue preaching to the choir these reformers will invite a Spirit-led makeover to come and bring needed adjustments. The same thing applies to our individual lives.

A growing faith is an evolving faith. The core message of Jesus Christ never changes but its presentation must be accompanied by a courageous wisdom that allows for self-examination and adjustment. Ask God to help you re-craft the sound your voice and the presentation of your message. If you can successfully make the migration this change requires, God will be able to use your voice in unusual ways in the reformation that is already taking place.


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