Reaching Across Impossibility

by | Sep 21, 2019 | Dreams, Faith, Faithfulness, Fear, Future, Hope, Promise | 0 comments

There are times when the Lord will give me an image or an impression that, to be honest, I question whether it’s Him or just my imagination. When these things come, I pause and ask for confirmation. One of those images just appeared as I sat in my writing chair.

I saw someone who did all that God had asked of them. They were now standing at the limit of human ability. This person was on the edge of a cliff looking across an expansive canyon similar to the Grand Canyon.  The object of their prayer and passion sat atop the distant canyon wall out of reach.

In the next frame, I saw the person continue to reach again and again toward the promise as an act of faith. They looked ridiculous to the bystanders. Then something unusual began to take place. Their arm began to grow like it was spooling out from a place of an unlimited reserve. It grew longer and longer, spanning the vast canyon. Finally, their hand reached the other side, and they were able to touch the desire of their heart. Immediately the two canyon walls began to move toward each closing the distance between the person and the promise. The canyon had disappeared, and the promise was in hand.

If you are standing on the edge of an impossibility and see in the distance a promise not yet realized and out of reach, God will be faithful to make a way for you to possess what He promised. Do all you can and never stop reaching out in faith. God can extend your faith across any dividing barrier, no matter how large or how distant. 


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