The Prison of Disgust and Disdain

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Discernment, Discipleship, Discipline, Fathers, Favor, Forgiveness, Freedom, Grace, Integrity, Mercy, Relationships | 0 comments

God is coming after our disgust and disdain. All of us have placed people and their ministries within the prison walls of our judgment dismissing their significance. We did this because we determined they did not fit within our narrow understanding of how God’s Kingdom functions. Our disgust and disdain were given life when our pride and self-importance displaced God’s love and mercy. 

The Lord is not coming to slap our wrist like He was correcting some pouty and disobedient child. He is coming to unlock the prison doors of our self-imposed delusion to lead us out into a place of freedom. We are the imprisoned ones, not the ones who carry the burden of our judgment.

In that unlocking, God will reveal the allies He has called us to walk with into a new season under a fresh anointing. These are the very ones we had previously dismissed and distanced ourselves from thinking we could never work together because we were so different. 


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